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Dyeing Machine Two Different Ways Of Dye Exchange

First, the pressure of the infiltration: the whole form and the air flow is different, but also use two nozzles, one is pure air nozzle, the other is the nozzle of the liquid flow, when the fabric began to stain, Through the flow of the nozzle, so that it can be exchanged with the dye and the exchange of the last, but from the position of the lifting roller, directly into the air nozzle, and the air flow for the fabric on the dye is played by the penetration Of the pressure, so the dyeing machine in the beginning of the non-traction of the fabric, but also on the dye in the diffusion rate to enhance.

Second, the air atomization: the same need to dye through the nozzle, after the treatment of the atomization, will be dispersed in the air, and then use the atomized dye stream, all the dyed fabrics are exchanged between each other , And to ensure that the fabric of the cycle and traction, but in the exchange process, not only atomized dye on the entire fabric in contact with the surface is very large, for the fabric contained in the entire penetration of the fiber is relatively strong, the greatest degree The diffusion rate of the inside of the fiber in the dye is increased. If the use of the current situation in the market point of view, the air spray in the form of dyeing is more common, and the use of the effect is also very good.

Air color machine uses the principle of air dynamics, mainly the use of air circulation instead of the role of water to ensure that the fabric can be traction cycle of movement, so if it is compared with the traditional dyeing machine, its In the dyeing bath ratio has been very effective to reduce, but in the entire air dyeing machine, the fabric and the dye in different forms of exchange, the main can be divided into two categories, the pressure of the infiltration and airflow atomization The

Dyeing machine operating procedures

(1) the various parts of the equipment, to always check, such as whether the fasteners fastening. If there is a problem, then it should be dealt with in a timely manner.

(2) fabric should be sorted by color, texture, etc., can not be all mixed together.

(3) the amount of detergent should be moderate, too much too little is not good.

(4) When the water temperature reaches 70 ℃, you can close the steam valve.

(5) After the operation is completed, the equipment should be cut off to prevent accidental start.