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Dyeing Machine Used Point

Dyeing machine, is to a variety of fabrics and materials dyeing machinery and equipment, but in some high humidity, or high temperature conditions, the dyeing machine is difficult to play a good printing and dyeing technology, then in the dyeing process, and then How to control the printing and dyeing technology, Xiao Bian to tell my friends, in dyeing, the general will want to use a short time to complete the dyeing process, and full use of fuel, will not greatly increase the cost of dyeing, but in Printing and dyeing process, it will inevitably happen some unexpected things, in order to print the textile uniform and will not let the fabric is subject to deformation, then the need for some dye-printing technology, the dye rate is relatively slow, it will be economically A certain loss, the rate of dyeing too fast, the fabric will occur uneven dyeing things, the best way is to move through the printing and dyeing to improve and remedy the mistakes in the printing and dyeing process. Automatic Mianshaoji Acting said that in the printing and dyeing process Dye transfer performance with their adsorption properties.

Dyeing machine normal operation of the four factors ”

First, the dyeing process: If the fixing and dyeing appear out of sync, then it is certainly necessary to re-dyeing, it will inevitably lead to uneven dyeing phenomenon, if serious, there will be poor, so we use the dye , Xuanyuan bow should be more high-quality dye, to fundamentally avoid the above phenomenon.

Second, dye bath temperature: dye bath temperature is too high or too low, will not reach the end result of the entire dyeing, but also in the speed of heating is not easy too fast, to avoid producing color and other undesirable phenomena.

Third, the dye dissolved: When dissolved in the dye, we must ensure that its full, if conditions allow, it is good for artificial mixing, artificial stirring can effectively avoid the color castings and so on.

Fourth, dyeing friction: We are in the process of dyeing, can not avoid the phenomenon of friction, so good is the right amount of lubricant can be used, or when the fabric is running, the humidity to make the appropriate adjustments, the same can be avoided Fabric caused by abrasions.