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Dyeing Machine What Features

Dyeing machine, from literally mean Shang view, the machine is a paragraph dyeing of machine, this dyeing machine overall used stainless steel making and into, mechanical adjustable speed of when no any noise, applies Yu Ma, cotton and rayon of various cloth, so in using dyeing machine of when, and has which performance features does, small series on to to friends are said a said, first to know dyeing machine used computer program system and no contact sex liquid bit infection device, can achieved dyeing full process control, not only function complete, performance is very reliable of , The dyeing machine has air purification device, used latest environmental design concept, internal used full sealed cycle filter, ensure staff of body health. second is machine internal used spray got water type wash tablets way, not produced cross infection, wash tablets more completely clean. last dyeing machine has full exception protection function and sound tips. stainless steel as valve agent said, dyeing machine used LCD big screen displayed, full Chinese menu, operation up very simple.