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How To Achieve Cleaner Production Of Airflow Dyeing Machine

In order to reduce the impact of water on the structure of the loose fabric, reduce the pilling phenomenon, improve the fabric feel and appearance, lifting roller (guide roller) is widely used to assist the fabric operation, and the nozzle pressure reduced to 0-1kg / Such low-pressure nozzle dyeing machine known as overflow dyeing machine, and the nozzle pressure between 1.2kg / Cm2 dyeing machine, is usually referred to as slow flow dyeing machine. Due to the slight impact of the nozzle flow on the fabric, the application of the overflow dyeing machine is more extensive than the jet dyeing machine and the slow flow dyeing machine.

According to the needs of different dyeing temperature, overflow dyeing machine can be divided into high temperature and high pressure and normal temperature and pressure type.

The main difference between the air dyeing machine and the overflow dyeing machine is that the overflow dyeing fabric is driven by the liquid flow, while the air dyeing machine uses the aerodynamic system to push the fabric. The running speed of the fabric is related to the weight of the fabric, the permeability (related to the square weight of the fabric and the structure of the fabric), the dry and wet state and the dry and wet friction factors.

Airflow dyeing also has an independent liquid circulation system. Airflow atomization is the mixing of airflow and overflow at the nozzle, because there is no liquid circulation, which can achieve ultra-low bath ratio, the fabric in the atomized state of the dye solution. The atomization dyeing is suitable for processing ultrafine fiber fabrics and chemical fiber simulation fabrics.

2 innovative environment-friendly overflow dyeing machine

Overflow dyeing machine from the date of birth, with its relatively low bath ratio (1:15 or so) to take a big step towards environmental protection, when the hexagonal plate drag-and-drop dyeing machine (commonly known as pull the cylinder) bath ratio 1:25 or more. At present, the conventional overflow dyeing machine bath has been reduced to 1: 7-1: 8, but still high, the dyeing cycle is longer, can not meet the requirements of ecological and environmental protection, production costs are higher. As the bath is relatively large, the fabric in the course of running will carry a lot of water, increase the weight, but also easy to cause excessive stretching and raising phenomenon. Therefore, to further reduce the dyeing machine bath ratio, reduce environmental pollution, shorten the dyeing cycle, to achieve eco-friendly dyeing, reduce production costs, is to improve product quality is the key to the development of dyeing technology and the 21st century printing and dyeing industry to maintain sustainable development Key factor.