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How To Achieve Cleaner Production Of Airflow Dyeing Machine

Overflow dyeing machine and air dyeing machine is now moving towards high quality, feel good, wide applicability, short process, energy saving, water saving, small batch and large load, automatic control and meet the ecological environment and other aspects of development.

The spray dyeing machine is usually defined as a dyeing machine with a nozzle pressure between 2-3 kg / cm2. Which is characterized by a large nozzle pressure, jet the liquid flow to produce a large enough thrust to promote the operation of the fabric, the guide roller only from the fabric-oriented and speeding effect. As the cloth speed, in the unit time between the dye and fabric exchange frequently, thereby improving the leveling effect, to avoid permanent wrinkles. This type of equipment is more suitable for the dyeing of pure fiber fabrics or woven fabrics. On the loose fabric, due to produce a large continuous friction and tension (the fabric by the impact of the larger thrust of the fluid and be entrained), easy to cause pilling and elongation phenomenon. Jet dyeing machine can be used not only for dyeing the fabric, but also for the desizing of the fabric, the pre-shrinking and the alkali reduction of the polyester fabric.

In order to reduce the impact of water on the structure of the loose fabric, reduce the pilling phenomenon, improve the fabric feel and appearance, lifting roller (guide roller) is widely used to assist the fabric operation, and the nozzle pressure reduced to 0-1kg / Such low-pressure nozzle dyeing machine known as overflow dyeing machine, and the nozzle pressure between 1.2kg / Cm2 dyeing machine, is usually referred to as slow flow dyeing machine. Due to the slight impact of the nozzle flow on the fabric, the application of the overflow dyeing machine is more extensive than the jet dyeing machine and the slow flow dyeing machine.

According to the needs of different dyeing temperature, overflow dyeing machine can be divided into high temperature and high pressure and normal temperature and pressure type.

The main difference between the air dyeing machine and the overflow dyeing machine is that the overflow dyeing fabric is driven by the liquid flow, while the air dyeing machine uses the aerodynamic system to propel the fabric. The running speed of the fabric is related to the weight of the fabric, the permeability (related to the square weight of the fabric and the structure of the fabric), the dry and wet state and the dry and wet friction factors.

Airflow dyeing also has an independent liquid circulation system. Airflow atomization is the mixing of airflow and overflow at the nozzle, because there is no liquid circulation, which can achieve ultra-low bath ratio, the fabric in the atomized state of the dye solution. The atomization dyeing is suitable for processing ultrafine fiber fabrics and chemical fiber simulation fabrics.