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How To Quickly Install The Dyeing Machine

1, the first is the location of the dyeing machine to determine the installation, but before the installation of dyeing machine, it is best to reserve equipment maintenance and operation of space for future operation and maintenance;

2, the dyeing machine should be installed on a relatively flat foundation, and then use the feet of the screws to its fixed;

3, in the dyeing machine to install the process, it is best to use the instrument to check the level of equipment, the level of the case is not enough, must be accurate to install;

4, it is best to dye the three-phase four-wire power supply, the entire placement of the equipment in the wire box;

5, the dyeing machine to install the entire process, the equipment must be grounded to deal with the corresponding, to ensure the installation and use of equipment safety.

Dyeing machine, is to a variety of fabrics and materials for dyeing machinery and equipment, but in some high humidity, or high temperature conditions, the dyeing machine is difficult to play a good printing and dyeing technology, then the dyeing process, and the How to control the printing and dyeing technology, Xiao Bian to give friends to talk about, in the dyeing, the general would like to take a short time to complete the dyeing process, and the full use of fuel, will not let the cost of dyeing greatly increased, but in Printing and dyeing process, it will inevitably happen some of our unexpected things, in order to spread the textile fabric even if the fabric will not be deformed, then the need for certain dyeing technology, dyeing rate is relatively slow, then the economy will cause A certain loss, the dyeing rate is too fast, the fabric will happen uneven printing and dyeing things, the best way is to improve the printing and dyeing and to improve the printing and dyeing process errors. Automatic Mianshaozhuanji agent said that in the printing and dyeing process , The dye transfer performance of the dye is related to their adsorption performance.

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