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Install The Five-point Principle Of Dyeing Machine

First, to confirm the location of the installation of dyeing machine, but before the installation of dyeing machine, should be reserved for the daily maintenance and operation of the dyeing machine space, mainly to facilitate future operations, as well as routine maintenance and maintenance.

Second, the dyeing machine should be installed in a solid and relatively flat ground, you can use the feet of the screws on the dyeing machine fixed.

Third, after determining the location of the installation of dyeing machine, you can use a special instrument again on the dyeing machine for detailed testing, mainly on the level of inspection, if the dyeing machine does not meet the requirements in the level, you must After leveling, you can install it.

Fourth, the dyeing machine when the power cord connection, you can put all the three-phase and four-line placed in a dedicated wire box.

Fifth, we are in the dyeing machine to install the process, it is possible to carry out the corresponding grounding connection, mainly to ensure that the dyeing machine can be safe and reliable in the daily operation.