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Is The Dyeing Machine Needed To Heat?

When we use the dyeing machine before, is it necessary to go for heating, because for dyeing and finishing machinery, in simple terms, it is actually our cloth or its equipment for finishing.For dyeing and finishing machinery, it Mainly including the dye cylinder, dryer, dehydration machine, as well as dry polishing machine, needle chain dry cloth machine, molding machine, etc. Many of the equipment, in general, it does not need to heat. Dyeing and finishing machinery, It can save water, so the environment is so good, and very bottom blue words, in its emissions can be reduced, because it can also save the planet in the aid of the rescue of the Earth, in addition, the artificial sense, we Can achieve more than one machine operation, shorten the process time is better.

In addition, if the dyeing and finishing machinery is possible, measurable water is more accurate planning, the mechanical hair machine problem can also be solved, and its adaptability is relatively strong, and the words of our time Limited dyeing cycle, in addition, the main pump and pump in terms of words, is used for synchronous operation, so for our dye dyeing evenly, to ensure that the cylinder no color, these are the use of dyeing machines to pay attention to the place.

Dyeing machine used in the textile industry is more extensive, mainly used for dyeing a device, in order to ensure the use of the future effect, we need to use the process of regular maintenance, only after maintenance can make the dyeing machine The flexibility to be improved, the use of the effect will become better, let Xiaobian today to introduce the dyeing machine maintenance skills.First of all we need to clean the bearing, after prolonged use will certainly cause stains and dust After the clean, can only reduce the operating temperature, so that wear will be reduced, clean up after the need to add the oil. After the dyeing machine is the main pump axis seat to check, you need to check the grease is not a leak Of the phenomenon, if there is no leakage can be used normally, found that leakage or water vapor into the words, then the need for timely processing.Finally, the internal parts of the dyeing machine for a detailed inspection, not only parts, but also need to Each line to check, need to ensure that the normal state, the problem requires timely processing, to avoid using The process of failure.