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Overflow, Jet Dyeing Machine Introduction

Overflow dyeing machine

The overflow dyeing machine overflow dyeing machine is a special form of rope dyeing machine. The fabric is in a relaxed state during dyeing and is less subject to tension. The dyed fabric is soft to the touch and has a uniform color. Therefore, they are used for dyeing of synthetic fabrics, warp knitted fabrics, elastic fabrics, etc. under high pressure conditions. In recent years, some atmospheric pressure overflow dyeing machines have also been manufactured for the natural pressure dyeing of natural fiber fabrics.

When dyeing with an overflow dyeing machine, the dye solution is withdrawn from the bottom of the perforated plate at the front end of the dyeing tank by a centrifugal pump. The dye liquor is then sent to a heat exchanger for heating and then from the top to the overflow tank. Two overflow pipe inlets are installed in parallel in the overflow tank.


Due to the difference between the upper and lower liquid levels between the dyeing tank, when the dyeing liquid fills the overflow tank, the dyeing liquid overflows into the overflow pipe to drive the fabric into the dyeing tank together. This reciprocating cycle achieves the purpose of dyeing. The overflow dyeing machine uses the overflow principle to make the fabric slack throughout the dyeing process. Effectively eliminates the rickets caused by wrinkles in the fabric. However, the disadvantage is that the bath ratio is large when dyeing, and the amount of dye and water is large.

Normal Temperature Dyeing Machine-1

Jet dyeing machine

The jet dyeing machine has a small footprint and high output, which saves materials, power and labor. It has not only high temperature and high pressure, but also atmospheric pressure. Jet dyeing machines can be used for synthetic fibers as well as natural fibers. It can be used not only for dyeing but also for pre- and post-treatment. Because of its versatility, it is more popular.

When jet dyeing is used, the U-tube is first filled with the dye solution. The dye solution is withdrawn from the middle of the U-shaped tube by a circulation pump through a heat exchanger, and is ejected from the top nozzle. Under the push of the liquid ejection force of the nozzle, the fabric circulates in the tube to complete the dyeing. The spraying action of the dye liquor helps the dye liquor to penetrate into the interior of the rope fabric. The dye bath is smaller and the fabric is less stressed. Thus, a dyeing effect superior to that of the overflow dyeing machine is obtained.

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