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The Dyeing Machine Has What Form Of Dye Exchange

Air dyeing machine is mainly the principle of aerodynamics, the air cycle to replace water, the fabric traction cycle of movement, so it and the traditional overflow spray dyeing machine, then, in the dyeing bath ratio Has been effectively reduced, but in the air dyeing machine, the fabric and dye in the exchange of the main form can be divided into two kinds of air atomization and air pressure penetration.

First, the atomization of the air is mainly the dye through a special nozzle, after the atomization in the entire air flow, the use of atomized dye with air flow, the fabric will be dyed between the exchange, and thus close The fabric is traction and circulation, in the whole exchange process, the atomized dye for the fabric in contact with the area is not only large, but also on the fabric of the fiber in the penetration is also very strong, effectively speed up the dye in the fiber The whole spread of the speed.

The pressure of the infiltration in the form and the air is completely different, the same is the use of two nozzles, one of which is pure air flow, there is a nozzle is the liquid flow in the fabric before dyeing, need to go through the liquid Nozzles, which are then exchanged with the dye solution, and then enter the nozzle from the lifting roller into the airflow, since the airflow will cause pressure to penetrate the fabric on the dye, so that the nonwoven Time, will be appropriate to accelerate the speed of the entire dye diffusion. From the current use of the market point of view, the air spray atomization of the application of a wide range, and the use of the whole effect is very good.