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The Performance Characteristics Of Dyeing Machine

Dyeing machine is a kind of moving, plant and human cells for routine staining of the instrument. The machine uses computer program control system and non-touch level of infection equipment, can complete the whole process of dyeing control. Fully functional, reliable, simple operation, can be widely used in clinical pathological analysis and animal and plant research.

air purification equipment. The use of a new generation of environmentally friendly design concept, the use of two-tier purification function, the use of photocatalyst materials and activated carbon adsorption full sealed internal circulation filter to ensure the health of staff.

spray water washing method, no cross infection, wash more thoroughly and more clean.

With active positioning function, the program has a sound at the end of the operation prompt.

can save twelve kinds of different procedures to meet the different requirements of dyeing.

With a full range of abnormal maintenance functions and sound tips, so as not to damage the equipment.

In the course of active operation, small specimens can be added at will.

large-screen LCD display, full Chinese menu, man-machine dialogue form of simple operation.

heating function, you can make the film’s staining effect is very good (3,4 cylinder heating).

Do not know if you have seen in the daily life of the use of dyeing machine figure, compared with the traditional equipment, the dyeing machine not only improve the fabric of a single cycle of dyeing, but also suitable for sensitive color processing, in addition to In addition, the dyeing machine itself has other technical features, then we staff to come here to tell you. First of all, the dyeing machine suspected of a combination of dye nozzles, can be suitable for different dyeing process. , The flow and the fabric form a countercurrent exchange, improve the washing efficiency.Second, the equipment of the dye nozzle and the rapid effect of the role of cloth, greatly improving the fabric of the single cycle of the degree of dyeing, and also reduce dyeing process requirements. in addition, the machine uses the principle of gas-liquid separation design is improved crease resistance to the fabric, and a high success rate at the time of dyeing. in addition to conventional dyed fabric to meet, but also suitable for dyeing color sensitive, high and tight high elastic fabrics, airflow dyeing machine capable of energy-saving than fifty percent of it. Finally, our staff and everyone in it have to say that this dyeing machine also enables two-way Color, high uniformity, color fast, so that the cloth arranged steam.