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Types Of Basic Dyeing Machine

Dyeing machine is on various fabric for dyeing of machine equipment, with technology of constantly development. dyeing machine are is using stainless steel manufacturing, on mechanical of adjustable speed is no any noise, so compared common of dyeing machine and has which type does, small series on to to friends are said a said, first species is bulk fiber dyeing machine, is compared traditional of dyeing machine, due to machine component is not is perfect, so and no widely using. second species clothing dyeing machine, is currently most popular of dye clothing equipment, on wool, nylon, rayon, Polyester, fabric for overall dyeing. third species is rope-like dyeing machine, this machine compared for in at room temperature atmospheric of conditions Xia using, on fabric for textile processing Hou, can for dyeing, bleaching, Cook refining and washing processing. Fourth species beam-like dyeing machine, this paragraph machine of dyeing efficiency is compared high of, not only dyeing color, light uniform consistent, operation also very simple. Pebble business sand machine agent said, beam-like dyeing machine can boot operation dyeing, for big production.